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i just woke up and suddenly pears??????? :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 4 2 back at it again with the ship memes :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 0 3 Speplanetchi :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 9 1 Some Spacey Folk :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 6 1 Picnic :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 12 8 :chartreusemote: :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 2 0 welp :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 7 5 Shufflefable :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 15 8 16 Years of DeviantART :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 3 0 [DHMIStale] Sketchbook Sprite :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 25 4 DHMISTale :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 21 16 Spacey Sisters :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 6 0 Chartreuse :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 7 1 Here comes THE CAFF :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 4 2 guess whose birthday is today :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 1 3 Ollie and Friends :iconchartreuse-caff:Chartreuse-Caff 3 0


the many outfits of clarabelle :iconsomedoodnamedjack:SomeDoodNamedJack 99 3 Swapfell Sprites Updated :iconnickthatguy:NickThatGuy 6 2 ooooo :iconsomedoodnamedjack:SomeDoodNamedJack 111 11 The big dumb wolf :iconsomedoodnamedjack:SomeDoodNamedJack 118 10 Fester :iconsomedoodnamedjack:SomeDoodNamedJack 117 18 When Nazz and Kevin were storyboarded :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 108 26 A Disclosed AU - Toriel Sprite :icon1ianmario:1IanMario 12 3 Dorkly :iconarefeetshoes:arefeetshoes 10 3 Cloud kids :iconsomedoodnamedjack:SomeDoodNamedJack 115 11 Sans and Papyrus underfell sprites V2 :iconnickthatguy:NickThatGuy 17 7 Inverted Fate Papyrus and Sans sprites :iconnickthatguy:NickThatGuy 9 1 Weekly Doodles - Spirit Animal (Lu) :iconrandowis:RandoWis 475 85 Blueberry :icondiscarded-cake:Discarded-Cake 4 2 Loved.. :icondiscarded-cake:Discarded-Cake 1 0


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back at it again with the ship memes
still dead here so don't ask. i just saw this ship meme by Tamatanium and i figured, why not??

there are like, multiple things that i should apologize for here especially since i don't really know a lot of the background/dream town characters. it's been a while but y'know
Day 3 of TamaWeek: this hot alien babe.

I headcanon this guy as the supposed prince of Spacey Land. Or at least, the guy Himespetchi was SUPPOSED to marry but didn't WANT to marry so she came to Tamagotchi Planet. I can't imagine him wanting to marry her, either. He's also a good friend of the Spacey Brothers (or as he teasingly calls them, "The Spacey Boys"), especially Spaceytchi. no this is not an excuse to ship them i swear
Some Spacey Folk
Day 2 of TamaWeek. Today I drew some of the residents of Spacey Land and gave them names. I might draw Speplanetchi tomorrow because honestly, i won't lie, he's kinda hot, so look forward to that.
Boy oh boy, not only has it been a whole month since I used this account (I'm not all that interested in dA and if you didn't know apparently this site is now infamous for stealing art and selling it to stores like hot topic and the likes. even your artist name is under their domain. what the fuck dA, get your shit together and stop making money off your users' content.) but it's also been a LONG time since I even remotely set foot into anything Tamagotchi related. However, given the recent influx of Mametchi torture porn that's apparently going around (i'm not naming names but this person seriously needs to stop before they do some real damage and give people the wrong idea), it looks like i need to step back in and post some nice friendly Tamagotchi art to combat the angry and hateful violence being spread around.

I'll try to do one daily until the 24th, which is the day after Tamagotchi's 20th anniversary. So I guess consider this an anniversary event on top of it.
sorry for being dead on here

i've kinda shifted all my focus to tumblr
which has left me with dead inside

every so often i think about the past, the friends i used to have, and how some people really wanted to see me gone that badly to the point where they had to take it a step too far

sure we're on good terms now, and we agreed to stay out of each other's lives, but that doesn't undo the damage, now does it? only after they pushed me over the edge, and really messed me up like real badly, do they feel bad for what they did? although i guess it's better than not feeling bad at all.....sorry if i'm vagueing, it just still kinda gets to me every once in a while Sad dummy that's why you should never make a big deal out of something you don't like, kids. think about how the victim might feel first, because they're people too.
although i guess it was also my own fault too. i made some mistakes (a lot of them dated back to the very beginning, like 4 years ago, back when i was still a stupid kid who didn't know any better. but they jus wouldn't let it go), and a lot of what happened really could've been avoided if i had just sucked it up and faced the conflict head-on. but i didn't. y'know why? because i didn't know how to handle it. every other conflict i faced, i just ran away from, denied it, pretend it wasn't happening. everything was fine. but it wasn't. it never was. and look where that got me

and y'know it doesn't really help that even now, there's still some suffering going on in my life between the situation with my girlfriend (did i mention i have a girlfriend? because i do and her parents are abusive assholes who want to "teach her the right ways" and that "time apart from my filthy influence will do her good" but i don't want to lose her. i had to seek reassurance from a magic 8-ball that we would be ok and we end up together because i'm not ready to have my heart broken again. this is like my first real relationship where nothing went wrong up until this point and i don't want to give all that up. by now this would probably be the point where i should start considering other options but i don't want to. i still want to stay loyal to her. i may not be able to reach her but i know she needs me now more than ever) and my issues with playing super smash bros. 4 with my real-life friends during lunch.
essentially, i get salty because sometimes i fuck up really badly and get myself killed or i get brutally #rekt and i keep on swearing and self-loathing and lately i have also been getting a bit too loud. and potentially causing a scene. which is very bad and i keep on feeling like it's not as fun for my friends to play with me when i have minor competitive issues along with many other issues and they'd probably prefer if i didn't play with them. they said they don't mind and it's totally fine but i know it's not fine. it really kinda isn't :suffer: 

soooooo yeah. long story short: i'm kinda dead inside because the past keeps on fucking me up and now the present has teamed up with it. also i have a girlfriend. and i might end up losing her because of bad parents. i miss her so much and i don't want to break up with her. she means a lot to me and i know i mean a lot to her Sad fayse. 

wow that was very long and depressing. sorry you all had to deal with my problems but hey it's better than having this account die even though i have no real use for it anymore haha

anyway to make up for all that here are some happy dummy emotes i found

:FeelingFree: excited c: Ermagherd there it is!!! surprise Elephantmote :ohhno: :sparkles: Dummyla 

look how happy they all are. someday i will join them in their happiness

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